Is it possible that there has never been an actual constituency for the "limited government" of conservative intellectuals?

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This isn't a Trump thing.

Federal spending is no longer a real issue for voters. It has become entirely disconnected from the lives of voters. There is nobody in the U.S.A. who sincerely connects the federal taxes they pay with government spending. Nobody knows anyone whose is unable to eat because of the tax burden, most poor people get more money in their tax refund than they pay in. Lower taxes are no longer associated with lower government spending in the minds of the people.

Congress isn't responsible for regulation in the minds of voters. The bureaucratic state is unelected and not responsive to people, it only responds to lawyers and money.

If you don't think candidates will do anything that will impact the spending or the bureaucracy, then you're left with social issues.

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Could have easily written an article "The New Left ❤️ State Power And for no higher purpose than to impose its vision on the rest of us". The gas stove issue is real! The issue of forced electrification of automobiles is real!

The old left was always more comfortable with state power than the old right. But they weren't totally nuts. Now the illiberals, whose main focus is on power dynamics, have taken over the left. Why is there any surprise that illiberals would gain influence on the right? Yes, they're all about power too.

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The woke left brought this on themselves.

They constantly use their immense cultural influence to censor and shun their opponents, make people repeat falsehoods like ‘men can become women’ at risk of losing their jobs, indoctrinate, groom, and mutilate children, and generally relish in the destruction and desecration of everything we hold dear. They laugh at our total humiliation as classic brands are plastered in pride flags.

But despite all this, the backlash never seems to come. Those wretched opinion polls keep showing youth support for their agenda has never been higher, unquestionably due to social media censorship and school indoctrination. We are always reminded that we are on the ‘wrong side of history’, and that identity politics will always win in the end.

We may protest and claim to draw a red line, but they continue to laugh and taunt. The disintegration of society continues to get worse, and worse, and worse, and every turning point is revealed to be nothing more than a temporary blip.

They still don’t think we’re serious when we say we want to fight back, and why would they think that? Conservatives allowed initiatives like Proposition 8 to be overturned in what was one of its most shameful and pathetic surrenders in history. If conservatives allowed activist judges to redefine marriage against the will of the people, despite previously claiming it was a red line, what is to say they won’t do the same with redefining gender, as public consent is similarly manufactured?

For 60 years we sat idly by, giving culturally leftist radicals the free speech and pluralism they now deny to us. Conservatives sold their souls to globalist corporations and the mega-rich, thinking they’d preserve at least some conservative values from the radical left assault on culture. But with woke capitalism, corporations have revealed themselves to be among the most destructive and degenerate forces in society, slavishly accommodating to every single demand of the woke cultural left and more. They are intent to impose moral decay and destruction and to reshape the world in their hideous image.

I despise woke capitalists and pushover cuckservatives more than I do leftists. They are traitors to our entire civilisation, who used their wealth and influence from within the establishment to destroy it.

The woke keep on poking the bear over and over and over again. The bear generally is a coward and slow to act, but if it does end up eating them alive, the woke will have entirely inflicted it on themselves.

If liberalism and the free market brought us to this, why should we place any value on them?

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Right-wing collectivism is often about bigotry and racism as well

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May 16, 2023·edited May 16, 2023

"The New Right ❤️ State Power"

Yea I keep saying that the "New Right" should really be just called the "Old Left."

Anti-trade, anti-immigrant, anti-abortion, etc.

But I think the elephant in the room is that this was kind of always the case. It didn't happen by accident. Conservatives have long being statists and many of the biggest expansions of rights-violating gov policy was implemented by conservatives.

The real question not really being discussed is have conservatives ever really been on the right? I.e. supporters of individual rights, rights-protecting gov and capitalism?

Do any of them even know what those words even mean?

I don't think Trump and MAGA are an accident.

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Exactly, up to them. It will be interesting to see what they do.

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Maybe there should be Hungexit, or whatever it would be called.

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Maybe that makes up for everything else. Perhaps the number of people trying to move there could tell us that. I honestly don’t know the stats on how many want the Russian life. Should be quite high if those things are so important.

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