Salil is probably smoking some hard stuff these days.

> The BJP’s ultimate goal is to replace India’s long-standing liberal democratic heroes—Gandhi and Nehru—with Hindu nationalist figures

BJP's PM Mr. Modi is an ardent follower of Gandhi and they come from same state of Gujarat. Mr. Modi's every speech has references to greatness of Gandhiji. Just like Gandhiji, and taking inspiration from him Mr. Modi started the toilets campaign. Mr. Modi also made a big deal of Khadi, the hand made cloth that Gandhi championed.

It is true that BJP has no love for Nehru but Gandhi is clearly their hero. They say so at every platform and every occasion both through words and their action.

Also, BJP is promoting Vallabhbhai Patel as their hero of choice. They have built the largest statue of Mr. Patel too. Called it statue of Unity. Plot twist ? Mr. Patel was a Congress leader and barely a Hindu Nationalist, he instead was instrumental in damaging Hindu nationalist institutions like Hindu Mahasabha and RSS.

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The horror of Hindu nationalism. Many of Gandhian ideas as for democracy and tolerance are still important today

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