Whining for pity. No dice: Voters are coming to their sense throughout the world. Heck, even the US "democrats" are beginning to search for a 2024 candidate who does not call half of the voters "semi-Fascists" and doesn't deny the very existence of a granddaughter. There is hope for a human world, after all.

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Oh I need to add another thing: when did queer gender theory, like transgenderism, become an accepted assumption in the center right and center left? I just need to know

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Democrats don't seem to understand how the most basic principles of science...like THAT OF A PENDULUM work. And so they seem to want to learn this the hard way.

They are pushing people TOO HARD, TOO FAST and not suing ANY SCIENCE. Just emotion. And THAT is the reason people around the world are pushing back. Countries AROUND THE WORLD are deposing Liberals and electing in conservative leaders for this very reason.

And I have to say, I agree with them. The Liberals around the world have gone too far.

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"Throughout most of the postwar decades, and especially after the fall of the Berlin Wall, parties of the center-left and center-right traded and often shared in ruling, with the differences between them being relatively minor and the overlap considerable. One name for that overlap is technocratic liberalism—a set of bedrock assumptions about immigration"

I think this is the problem right here. There's ultimately no difference between the center "right" and center "left". I would argue that they're both left.

Regarding the "assumptions on immigration", you point out that the right has moved away from these assumptions, but I'd beg to differ. Explain to me how mass immigration (take Canada as an example: 1 million immigrants allowed into the country last year alone... For a population that was under 40 million, that's a lot) is NOT a move away from this bedrock of assumptions about immigration.

You mentioned the riots (not protests) by migrants in France. Isn't it interesting how all of a sudden, groups of clearly not French people are causing a lot of problems for the host population (the French)? How is rioting a "good" thing? It's only natural that there's going to be a pushback. And to lambaste people for not wanting constant riots in the streets is ludicrous. Something has to be done about that.

And yet, this is somehow bad.

Truly unbelievable stuff. I'm baffled by the claim that, apparently, the let's view on immigration has never changed. I don't think we were letting in a million migrants to live in a small country like Canada before 2010. Or did I miss something?

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