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This is a very important piece. We need to laud the highly principled and admirable thinkers like Luttig as an example for others to emulate. We gain as much by praising the praiseworthy, as blaming the blame the blame-worthy. Bravo, for this piece!

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There are so few examples of integrity and principle in politics, and Conservatism has collapsed under its own hypocrisy.

Judge Luttig and never-Trumpers, however they choose to identify politically these days, have not deviated from their principles.

I'm always pleased to see this small but crucial group highlighted for their courage and clarity.

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Eastman clearly learned nothing while clerking for Luttig. What a disappointment Eastman turned out to be. Good piece by Steve Chapman.

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Far too harsh on --- wait for it! --- Trump.

Who could be so --- honest?!? And so --- brave ?!? The mind boggles.

A new dawn of journalism is upon us. Let us all genuflect!


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Yes, Originalists have principles, unlike 'Living Constitutionalists' that just make the constitution say whatever they want it to say, and their conservative mirror image: 'Common Good Constitutionalists'.

However, Common Good Constitutionalism has gained steam because of many, many decades of liberal 'Living Constitutionalists' making up the constitution, and Originalists only interpreting the law as it was intended to be interpreted, meaning the law becomes ever more liberal.

When the right switches from Originalism to Common Good Constitutionalism, liberals are gonna wish they hadn't completely abused the power of judicial review, and had stuck to Originalism.

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