Does ISMA have a website? Can you share the link?

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We don't yet because we were constituted literally a few days ago. But we will soon. If you wish to learn more or make a contribution, you can email me at shikhadalmia62@gmail.com. Thanks so much for your interest.

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Can someone explain to me what you all think a "Liberal" is these days? Serious question.

The Liberal movement around the world has been captured by corporate greed. The state and corporate money have aligned. This is Fascism in it's purest form.

Vivek refuses to slander other candidates.

Trump fights for the common people and all the news does is malign him.

RFK is as intellectual and honest a man as we've ever seen.

And yet, ANYTHING that may douse the 'Liberal' agenda of stripping people of their rights, free speech and freedom to associate is seen as 'extremism'. How ridiculous.

I've raised 6 kids to adulthood. I've probably lived more lives than most.

My children would NEVER act the way Liberals act today. Falsehoods, misrepresentation, misinformation and corruption are the norm on the ultra Left.

There is a global movement with invisible strings pulling people in their direction but the general public has caught on and the tide is turning.

Musk buying Twitter and revealing the suppression of free speech stemmed the tide, now the tide is turning the other way, and people will pay for what has happened. You can be sure of it.

I plan on being on the correct side of history. I'm an old school Liberal and a new school conservative, which are basically the same thing.

And for all the railing on Trump, there wouldn't be a Trump if there wasn't a corrupt, power hungry, dishonest Liberal part.

BTW, I'm Canada and a huge Bernie Sanders fan, so good luck calling me a Trumptard.

You people need to find a way out of the Wizard's Circle you're trapped in and stop thinking with your politics and start using your logic, because it's sorely missing on the side of the Ultra left. You are the fascists and authoritarians of the future.

You want to do some good? Expose the corruption in your own party, because you can only get better once you figure that out first.

And then maybe we can get the world to stop this race towards World War 3, which Biden started simply to cover his tracks and hide his bribery money from the Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

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Love your writing from way back. Thanks for this

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Why are hate mongers and caste/race supremacists given so much oxygen in the media?

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