Nov 12, 2023Liked by Aaron Ross Powell

I'm glad i've been listening to your debate.

You've highlighted a very critical issue of our society and raise some problems i've been feeling without clearly identifying them. You both helped me to clarify my thoughts. Thank you for that!

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I had hoped that, through this dialogue, which is occurring 8 years into an ongoing assault on our institutions and Democratic framework, there would be some concrete proposals.

We have a year to figure out short-term solutions to ward off societal and democratic collapse, yet Mr. Powell is debating the fine points of the first amendment.

Even those of us who don't have the luxury of exploring liberalism and illiberalism for a living are well aware that most every democracy (other than the US) does restrict forms of hate speech and propaganda...it strengthens vs weakens their democracies.

I've no idea what the point was of this discussion, but I'm none the wiser for it.

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