Our current SCOTUS has made no secret of its plan to cement the 'anti-liberal' project that you reference. In doing so, the 'conservative' justices are cavalierly disregarding both law and precedent, speed vs justice is their guiding principle. Demonizing large groups of individuals for their beliefs, and using the institutions of the state to punish dissenters, is not original, but it is profoundly un-American, and it will likely end our democracy.

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Punishing dissenters is the favorite practice of the Biden-democrats.

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Consider that some of us (me included) knew this to be true about most self-identifying Republicans, libertarians, Libertarians, and conservatives.

For a long time. Like, since Ron Paul was a thing.

Does it give you pause that your powers of observations are rather weak when, by mere reexamination of these people's views you find that they were always this way, and you were completely blindsided?

Should we reconsider your viewpoints if you do not?

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Sabbath laws? ha ha ha. Oh yeah, like all those people on the right yelling for freedom would be fine not being able to buy beer on Sunday. I lived in Missouri decades ago when blue laws were still in effect ... no fun! and strange - like you could buy a picture frame but not the glass in it ? or v.v.? at any rate, lots of stuff closed on Sundays (or Saturdays, if 7th Day Adventist or Jewish) - don't see how the so called conservative freedom fighters would go for that.

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Feb 12, 2022·edited Feb 12, 2022

An argument against describing the modern post-liberal right as proto-fascist is that it is not corporatist, in contrast to Mussolini's or Hitler's projects. Vermuele's integralism certainly seems to fit a proto-fascist model. FS

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Something I'm really curious about is how something like integralism or nationalist conservatism would impact me personally if they became the law (like in Hungary). I'm a straight white married middle-aged father of teenagers working in a business discipline. I go to church weekly, regularly donate to Christian charities and live what would by most people be considered a very conservative life (I don't even look at porn).

However, I've been voting Democratic since 2016 because I can't stomach the lies and insanity of the Republican Party under Trump. I detest bullies and I feel that my duty as a Christian to stand up for the oppressed should supersede any desire to not be untainted by the world - this probably drives my leaning towards the Democrats (though I have some serious issues with them as well).

My fear is that because of my voter registration (D) and articles that I've posted on social media in the past, I could be targeted for discrimination, violence, cancellation, etc. if the country would ever come under control of a right-wing regime.

Because it seems like right-wing movements are heavily on the rise globally, I think it is a reasonable possibility that we all might be living under a right-wing competitive authoritarian regime soon, as in later this decade.

So my question is what kind of treatment can someone like me expect under this new regime? The thing is, you'd think I'd be safe as an Employed Straight White Christian, but I am not really sure. Is past criticism of Trump or the GOP really enough to get you cancelled, imprisoned, attacked by a mob of brownshirts or sent to a death camp?

I don't think I'm being unnecessarily hyperbolic here. What kind of treatment can I expect? Can an accomodation be made for me if I repent of my past liberalism and embrace the new regime? Or should I take today's extremist Republicans at their word when they say that Democrats are satanic, evil, traitors fit to be shot? That doesn't make me feel like I even have a chance.

I'd really like to know what MAGA Republicans / Nat-cons intend to do with me when they take over. Will bragging rights and a big "libs-owned!" really be enough. Or do people really need to die? Will it be like "first they came for the journalists and the gays, but I wasn't a journalist or gay so...."?

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The US would have to drift a long way, and there'd be a lot of resistance, before your worries above became acute threats. But that doesn't mean the world the national conservatives, for example, say they want right now wouldn't be quite bad. At the moment, I'm primarily worried about the safety and wellbeing of my LGBT+ friends.

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So John Daniel Davidson in a recent essay at The Federalist identified the following actions that conservatives-- who he says should call themselves counter-revolutionaries-- should instantly undertake upon seizing power. I can imagine this list to expand to include anyone who participates in rallies to demand climate change action, defend the rights of persecuted minorities etc etc: https://thefederalist.com/2022/10/20/we-need-to-stop-calling-ourselves-conservatives/

The break-up of Silicon Valley tech companies

The end of no-fault divorce

The introduction of federal subsidies for families

A complete ban on abortion, with no exceptions

The outlawing of “Drag Queen Story Hour” at public libraries and the arrest of parents who take kids to drag shows

The imprisonment and revocation of the medical licenses of doctors who perform “so-called ‘gender affirming’ interventions”

The firing and jailing of teachers who expose children to sexually explicit material

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J.D. Davidson's wild-eyed views are just opinions, nothing more. And some of them --- such as reducing the power of social media behemoths, subsidizing families, and trimming the volume of porn in children's lives --- are eminently worth considering. That is, if we want to make America a country which others respect.

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"The break-up of Silicon Valley tech companies" - that's very socialist of him.

"The introduction of federal subsidies for families

A complete ban on abortion, with no exceptions"

More state planning.

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