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Hard to pick a favorite sentence, this might be it.

"In Modi’s version of the ritual, of course, the idol consecrates him"

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Biggest aftermath of colonialization is this. People who have lost faith in their own understanding and problem solving ability, and only seek to imitate others they think are superior to them.

They mask their personal sense of inferiority by adopting external identity, but keep projecting natives to also lack understanding of the world and therefore disregard their wishes and desires as secondary.

So any debate about how the country should be run has to be within the groups of these people in identity crisis, and these people most often simply assume (imitate) the characteristics of what they are copying.

Westoids think the "belong" with the western civilization, communists identify with China and other converted minorities from Turkey to babar ki aulad.

But this external identity is mere imititation, and they personally have no power to create through it. Whatever agenda comes up in west/middle east, etc becomes their purpose and mission few years down the line.

You might complain about complacent liberals, but expecting them to have original thought or solve problems to fight against modi/hindutva goes against their original purpose of imitation of identity to mask their insecurity.

Put simply, the liberals in "bombay" and other circles are not "proud liberals" that would defend their rights by buying guns and fighting the government, they are merely adopting the identity to appear "modern", "educated" or like their white masters (since before 1947), within their social circles.

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One thing with BJP many as in Europe and the USA are unaware of is that it is a welfarist party and not a pro-market nor even pro-business party. And also that it is an organisation in practice governed by the RSS

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