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Trailer - Reactionary Minds Podcast

Trailer - Reactionary Minds Podcast

A preview of The UnPopulist's new show, hosted by Aaron Ross Powell.

I am very excited to announce that on May 6, Friday, The UnPopulist will roll out a new feature, a monthly podcast hosted by Aaron Ross Powell called Reactionary Minds.

The series will open with a wide-ranging conversation between Aaron and yours truly that takes stock of the world as it is right now — and how this podcast will advance the mission of The UnPopulist, defending liberal principles — pluralism, toleration, freedom — from the resurgent threat of populist authoritarianism here and abroad. Neutralizing this threat requires the readiness to call out its protagonists whether Viktor Orban in Hungary, Narendra Modi in India or Donald Trump in the United States. But it also requires understanding the allure of their illiberal ideologies on their own terms. Why are people so ready to throw in their lot with them despite the extraordinary success of liberal and open polities to deliver peace and prosperity? That is the task Reactionary Minds will take on.

There is no better person for the job than Aaron Ross Powell. A classical liberal and a veteran podcaster, he is the founder of He also hosts his own podcast (Re)Imagining Liberty. He will conduct in-depth conversations with psychologists, sociologists, economists, political scientists and more who’ve been studying the rise of the illiberal ideologies and ideologues. In the spirit of open debate and discussion, he might occasionally invite the ideologues themselves.

Stay tuned but sign up today for this exciting new podcast.

Shikha Dalmia

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